Saturday, December 29, 2007

Don't Blink.....

Sheesh! Does time fly by or what!?! You blink and SHAZAM! A whole month goes by! Lol.

The boys have been really funny in the last few weeks. They have discovered the joy of the copycat game. Yea. Even Andrew has caught on. And their vocabulary amazes me sometimes. Just today Paul asked me what matrimony is. Lol. He's such a good helper to me. Sometimes I forget that he's so young. He'll be 6 in a couple of weeks and I'm sure that I treat him like a 12 year old much too often. Andrew is trying his darndest grow up fast and to keep up with whatever the other 2 are doing and is always by their sides. Nick is a little spitfire and acts much too old for a 3 year old. He loves pushing things to the maximum limit. He seems to still be doing well recovering and that's awesome. The boys are constantly teasing each other and making sure that there is never a dull moment at our house. They really are so much fun though. I don't know how people get along in life without boys like these at their house. They light up our lives with their tender moments and funny things that they do.

For example, they say the cutest things in their prayers:

"Please bless that it isn't 8:00 and we don't have to go to bed." ~Nick

"Please bless that I can stay home from school and watch Sesame Street tomorrow because I really DO like that show." ~Paul

"Please bless Nick and Andrew to be quiet and not talk so that I can go to sleep tonight and they will be QUIET." ~Paul

"Please bless Daddy to come home safely"~Andrew (says this every night whether or not Josh is even gone)

"Thank you that I can stay up late and not go to bed and I am not even tired and I'm holding my buddy and I had macaroni and cheese for dinner but I'm still hungry and I need more water in my sippy cup because I'm thirsty and I need to play with Paul's cars and I am not tired yet...." (and on and on he will go until you stop him) ~Nick

And of course the ever TRIUMPHANT shout after each prayer he says: "I DID IT!!!" ~Drew

See? Now who couldn't be thankful for THAT?