Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pauls first song

This is Paul's 1st song. It's called "I'll Say Goodbye". He wrote it and came up with the music completely by himself! =)
(If you want to listen, remember to either mute or pause the music player at the bottome of the page.)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


April fools day jokes at the Jardine house this morning included:

*The "Put a rubber band around the sprayer on the sink and just watch when someone goes to get a drink of water joke..." (Don't judge me by the dirty sink) =)

*The write on a piece of toiled paper with permanent marker and lay it in the toilet joke... " (I'll spare you the pic, but it was kind of funny. There was 'Hap-pee April Fools Day', 'The joke's on POO', and 'Who goes there?'

* The "Have some Kool-aid for breakfast" joke...

Did I say Kool-aid??? I meant Jello. =P

*The "Switch the Cereal joke"--

And since the day is not yet over, I can't share the next ones... You understand. =)

And if you need ideas~ A couple of routine easy joke--

*Sugar in the salt shaker (and vice versa)

*Short sheet someones bed

*Magical banana (where you slice a banana by puncturing it several placecs with a needle and moving the needle back and forth. When the "victim" peels the banana the slices are already done!)

*If you're daring you could put some koolaid in someone's shampoo-- Personally, I don't get THAT brave!

*food coloring on the bottom of your kids cups... when they pour their milk or water it turns colors!

*Sponge cake. (Frost a big sponge-- You can get a BIG car washing type at most stores for about $1 or $2.)

*Toothpaste filled Oreos (YUCK!)

*Hard boil the eggs in the egg carton in the fridge.

Boys Band

The kids love "playing in the band". Here are some pictures of a pretty common game they play. It's a little noisey, but so much fun to watch them JAM together and get along!

St. Patricks Day continued...

I never shared the pics of our St. Paticks day morning feast, so here they are.

There's also a shot of our "Leprechaun Hotel". Paul insisted that we not CATCH the leprechaun, but be its friend. It paid off too. "Lucky the Leprechaun" left us a bag of gold (candy), and a toy puppy for each of the boys to care for.