Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Say what?

As parents, we are always looking to make our kids say what we say. Iex.; "Say ' I'm sorry. ' " "Honey, Say ' Hi Grandma! How are you?' ", "Say 'I love you' ", and so on.

In the last couple of days we've had some funny ones. I asked Nick to sing me the special hug song that we sing at bed time. The first line is "You're my Honey -bunch, Sugar-plum, Pumpy-umpy-upkin". Nicks version was "You're my Honey-bunch Sugar-PUNK, pumpy-umpy-umpkin".. To be honest, his version might be a little more accurate. LOL

Another example: today while Nick was saying the lunchtime blessing on the food I tried to insert a sentence for him to say. I said "Please bless everyone to feel better." (because the boys are currently sick). Nick took my cue, but instead said "Please bless ONE OF US to feel better."

Ah, kids. What's that saying? Kid's say the darndest things? True dat.

Friday, February 22, 2008

My Josh Video

Today, I was feeling a little romantic-ish and thinking of how much I love my husband. (Blame it on February~ All those hearts and mushy poems and stuff). Anyway, I stumbled upon a cute way to show him (and everyone else) how I love him and made a little slide show. It's at the top of the blog on the left side and says Josh~ and all you have to do to watch it is click on the picture. It was a fun thing to do, and I think it was a nice little surprise for him after work. And, just so no one gets the wrong idea, I'm not "memorializing" him... just appreciating him. LOL!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ohhhh.... Doggone it, baby.

Andrew is currently infatuated with babies. He wants to hold toy "babies" all the time. Since the sibling rule is that "if they have it I want it", Paul and Nick have had enough of sharing their toy babies and informed me that Andrew needed his OWN doll. So the other day we went to the store and picked out a doll for his very own. Andrew was thrilled, but seeing Andrew get his new doll made Nick want a new doll. (vicious circle) So, feeling generous, Josh and I splurged on an additional 2 tiny baby dolls for about $1 each. LOL. Of course we let Nick and Drew choose their own dolls and the darling thing is that they both picked out little black babies. I commented that "they sure were cute little black babies", and was immediately corrected by Nick that they were "NOT black... they were cute little BROWN babies with cute little BROWN eyes." So we came away with 3 dolls. 1 big one and 1 little one for Andrew, and one little one for Nick. Whew.
Anyway, these dolls have been in their hands at all times. It's really cute. Nick named his after himself -so Nick's doll is Nick-- & Andrew's doll is Nick too. LOL.

I like to see how they parent these little dolls. It's a good insight as to how they think they are being parented I think. The other day Andrew told me his baby was sad and hurt. I said something like "Uh oh. Tell him it's ok." I then heard him say to his little baby just as softly and sweetly as he could- "Ohhhhh.. Doggone it Baby..... it's OK."
Josh and I looked at each other and I swear our hearts about broke. It was so sweet.
All their little parenting moments are not as sweet, but the ones that are, are worth writing about. The ones that are not as sweet are for me to keep to myself and work on in my own parenting skills. (giggle)