Friday, July 16, 2010

***SIGH*** =) We're home again. Adjusting to life again. Nick is healing well after his surgery in MN. We feel so thankful to have been blessed with this miracle!

We're finding ways to stay busy around here. Paul and Andrew are happy little bike riders (Nick is doing a lot of video games until he is healed all up); I am busy with child rearing, housework, and yard work; besides work, Josh is reorganizing the garage and also preparing to take the T.E.A.S. test so that he can apply for the nursing component of his schooling. We've also been steadily trying to reorganize our house in preparation for another baby due to arrive in January. =) We're about 14weeks along at this point! It's been a pretty eventful year for our family.

Quick rundown of some of the events for our family this year are:
Paul turned 8 and was baptized!

Nick had his 3rd heart surgery- this time at the MAYO clinic in MN and they were actually able to REMOVE the huge mass from inside his heart!

Josh pretty much finished earning all his pre-req's for the nursing program (which is basically the bachelors degree portion -- so now all he needs is the nursing component!)

Josh and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in June. (Has it really been that long??)

We have learned we're having another baby!

And upcoming events are:

Josh will be turning 35 in August... (hehehe)

I will be leaving my 20's behind me in September... Not sure if I should be happy or BOO??

ALL 3 kids will be in school this August. Exciting but a little heart wrenching.

We are so happy. TIRED? ABSOLUTELY. But happy and feeling greatly blessed.