Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It's been SO cold and snowy that I've really been trying to keep the boys busy inside... so here's a few of the things (that I have pictures of) that we've come up with:

We made GAK~

Good thing: It's great stuff, and a lot of fun. It lasts a while too, also is not as messy as you might think.
Bad thing: It crumbles a little easier than silly putty.

We made (painted and assembled) a model airplane~

Good thing:It's fun to do, takes up a lot of time, and you have a cool finished product.
Bad thing: The painting got a little boring because it did take so much time.

I've had the kids helping with chores~

Good thing: Uh, Hello? Kids doing the chores! This should be fairly self explanatory!
Bad thing: Well besides having to guide them a little bit, I don't really see the downside! =)

Hot Rod!

Paul had his 1st Pinewood Derby this last Monday! He did great. He got 3rd place for Tigers/Wolfs, 1st place in Tigers, and a certificate for having the Cubscout Colors Original car!

Next time though we are definitely gonna find the graphite or buy it before EVERY STORE IN SHELLEY IS OUT. Seriously. LOL Then maybe next time the wheels will go just a little faster...

Anyway, Paul did awesome and had a lot of fun. There were some A-mazing cars there! WOW. Good to see! Nick and Drew had fun watching all the racing too. Josh is such a great Dad. I love seeing him and Paul do stuff like this together.

Here's Paul introducing his car: "Hot Rod"

This is Simon and Paul-- they're showing off their amazing masterpieces.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lucky # 7!

Paul turned 7 a week ago Saturday! Man how the time goes by! We had a busy weekend celebrating too, because of the 4 day weekend that week. There was no school on Friday for the end of the quarter, Saturday and Sunday of course, and then no school Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Paul really wanted to go bowling, so we took the kids up to Idaho Falls for their 1st experience. We discovered not long into the game that they've already been spoiled from playing Grandmas Wii... Apparently they are skilled experts at the wii, but in real life, bowling doesn't come as easy, so when they didn't get all strikes it was a little disturbing to them. Still we had a good time, and at least they've all been REAL bowling now.
The next day was his birthday party with some friends. We ate pizza, played games, and in a chaotic blur it was over. One of the fun games was having the kids compete to eat a small doughnut from a string with their hands behind their backs. It was my niece Heidi's idea, and since she was visiting for the weekend (and it was her idea to play that game),I made sure she played too!

Sunday was dinner with the Grandparents here at home. Brandon and Jessie were both there and so was Heidi and Zack.It was very nice and laid back. A good way to wrap the celebrating up.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who is Amanda??

A couple of nights ago, we were going through the regular bed-time routine with the boys... you know- where you put them in bed all nice and sweet, and they proceed to make noise, call out for drinks and extra kisses. Well, almost 2 hours later Paul finally dozed off but Nick and Drew were still going strong. The two little ones proceeded to come out into the hallway and eventually crept into the front room where Josh and I were. They were sent back to bed several times and finally got threatened with getting their bottoms swatted.

Not too many minutes later Nick snuck back out into the front room and so Josh exaggeratedly started moving toward him like he was going to follow through on the threat to swat him.

Nick began shrieking "NO Daddy! NO! Mom! Wait! MOM!!!"

I say "WHAT Nick? What is it?"

And he says "Um.... I'm not very tired yet...."

So Josh moves toward him faster.

Nick squeals even louder, this time the urgency in his voice is unbelieveably fierce "NOOO! DADDY! Wait! I know what!! I know what!! I know what!! I have to tell you something!!!"

Again, we ask him "WHAT?"

And he says ever so calmly "Um... Is Amanda a good guy name or a bad guy name?"


At this point Josh chases him back to bed and uses his sternest voice on him, whilst I bury my face in my blanket & try to muffle my laughing.

(SIGH)That kid.

*Just so you know, Nick doesn't even KNOW an Amanda. Where does he come up with this stuff?!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shayla Designs

The Internet is awesome. It's so fun to see and catch up with people from "way back when"! I just found out that my friend Bryce's mom is selling her handmade (and beautiful) items online. The link is on the left hand side of the blog under "sites we like to visit" and is called Shayla Designs. You should check out her Beautiful work. I know from personally having the chance to work for her briefly as a teenager that she puts a lot of care into her items!
Yay Internet! And Good Luck Shanon, with your online adventure!

What's that taste in my mouth?

Josh likes to bid for stuff on ebay. Not seriously though. What I mean is, Josh will bid like a dollar on big ticket items, such as a truck or guitars. Well the other day he tells me:
"So I bid $1 on a violin on ebay."
I reply something lame, like "Mmmm hmmm."
He says, "I got it."
I tell him he's nuts-o if he thinks someone will send him the never-been-used, new violin, with a case and bow and such~ all for $1.
He tells me that they will or they'll risk getting a bad review on ebay.
I of course tell him again that he must have held his breath under water a little too long the last time we went swimming, cause it's NOT happening.

Guess who's eating her words.

Seriously. UPS came yesterday, and the violin is in great shape.