Sunday, September 27, 2009

Todays secret

Tonight while I was making dinner, Nick approached me and announced that he had a secret. I leaned in with interest and said, "Okay... What is it?" He tilted his head up and said in his "duh mom" voice: "I can't TELL you... It's a secret!...... But maybe if I just say it soft so no one hears me..."
I say "OK." And then he says so sweetly to me "Ok. My secret is-- why do you cook food SO GOOD?!"
I laugh and smile down at him and say "'Cause I'm AWESOME!"
Nick looks up at me, tilts his head, kind of squints his eyes and says "Um.... I think cause of Grandma."


True story dude. Grandma (my mom) totally taught me how to cook. Can't slip one by him, can I?