Sunday, February 28, 2010

Februarys post

In an attempt to keep current on stuff, here's a February update for the Jardine Fam.

On February 5, the morning before Paul was to get baptized, the boys and I were in an car accident in Idaho Falls. It actually totalled the van, but THANKFULLY none of us were seriously hurt. Paul managed to get a bump and bruise on his head, Nick just a little red spot on his head, Andrew a sore neck (from the seat belt I think), and I just got a bruise on my knee and a little bit of a sore back. I feel VERY blessed that everyone was OK. The passengers of the other vehicle were also fine and they were able to drive away from the accident.

That was big news in our household for a few weeks. The kids were very shaken by the whole thing. They're doing fine now, but still find plenty of opportunities to bring it up. =)

Well, since the van was totalled, Josh and I had to go out and find another car. Luckily, we found another van, same make but 1 year newer. It seems like a good car. Again, blessed.

Other stuff:
Paul is liking scouts. He made a cool "BAKUGAN" cake for the Blue and Gold Banquet last week and that was fun. Also, Paul is doing really well with his reading, which is awesome. Right now he's enjoying the likes of "The chocolate Touch" and "The Call of the Wild". I love to have readers at my house! And I'm so thankful to have such a great little boy to help me and to set a good example for the little boys.

Nick is doing some great reading these days too. And writing and drawing. He's pretty phonetically accurate with his spelling which is fun to try to read. =) Also, he seems to have a current obsession with numbers. He wants to carry a calculator everywhere and is always asking me what certain numbers added together equal. He is a very inquisitive little guy!

Andrew has been practicing his coloring a lot and is really improving. He's also been WAY more mellow since I've been able to be home with him a little more (now that my school classes are over for a while). He keeps saying at different times "Now THIS is what I call a PARTY!" Fun, fun, fun little boy!

Josh is getting ready to apply for the professional component of the nursing program at ISU! He can apply sometime in March! He's such a great husband and daddy-- just working his heart out for us and he still stays happy and loving and great.

I am trying to plan a get-away for Josh and my 10 year wedding anniversary this coming June... It's not as easy as I thought. I'm not sure where to go or how to get the best prices. Maybe it's just because its February and I'm cold, but right now, I'm thinking somewhere WARM. =) Although, come June, I may be singing a different tune. LOL

That's pretty much it. We're just staying busy with work, kids, and school. But we know that we have angels tending to us for sure!