Sunday, January 31, 2010


Anyone who would like to come is invited!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ok. So I have been neglecting the blogging world for WAY too long. Time to do some updating.
I'm gonna do a quick summary of the last months and then I'll try to keep up on things more currently. =)
August and September were gone in a flash. Chelsea got engaged and married and we (Mom and I) tried our best to help her pull it all together. It was beautiful and fun and amazing.
Also I celebrated starting the last year of my 20's. Good times.
October was a blur. We headed to SLC for an appointment at PCMC and things looked stable. =) Nick was, as usual, very happy to see Dr. Cowley. And Halloween was fun. Josh took the boys out and about and we also went to a pumpkin walk which was cool.

November I began a CNA class to get re certified. (I was a CNA in high school) The class was non-credit and only 2 months. I expected it to be a lot easier than it actually was (like in high school) BUT it was a lot of work and required a LOT of time. It probably took at least 15 hours a week not counting drive time and clinicals. I know it doesn't sound like much, but with the kids and their school, working p/t, Josh's school and work (both full time), church and callings, and regular old stuff, it was actually pretty tricky. I did get re certified this month though and so now I work not just at Broulims, but at The Gables of Shelley (assisted living).
Oh yeah, also it was Thanksgiving. We headed to the Johnson's for a cozy little dinner with Matt and his family, and Mom and Dad. As always the food was Delish! AND we also got together with the Jardine's for a family picture and some hanging out. The family is getting big!

December was crazy. I could barely keep up with things. We had a nice couple of get-togethers with family and a hilarious UGLY SWEATER party with friends. SO much fun. Josh wouldn't go get the camera for me though (yeah, that's right, I'm giving him the blame), so I dont have pics of it. The boys had their school Christmas program and did awesome. But for as much singing as they did at home, I still can't figure out why they didn't sing on stage... It's not like they're shy. =S

January has still been busy. I keep making this joke about how I only know that Josh and I still live in the same house because we do each others laundry and hand the kids off to each other as we race out the door. Josh is working SO diligently on his schoolwork and will be able to apply for the nursing program in March. I'm very proud of him.

Paul turned 8 last Sunday and is excited for his upcoming baptism... It should be the first Saturday in February. Anyone who would like to come is welcome! He's doing awesome in school. He works so hard to be perfect at everything that we have to remind him that it's OK not to be "perfect". He's my little sweetheart and a great helper.

Nick is doing great, being fun and funny, and causing mischief. I wish I could remember to write down the stuff this kid does and says because I would have a BEST SELLER. He's also coming along wonderfully in his reading!

We did have a bit of a scare on the 19th though. We had spent the long weekend in SLC at Paulines house, and Andrew, Nick, and I were sleeping on a mattress together when at about 4 AM Nick jolted and I woke up to see him jolt and then sit upright and begin screaming and crying. I tried to soothe him, but he hurt. He did fall back to sleep quickly and slept soundly till 7. I suspected he had been defibrillated. I sent in a medtronics report when we got home that night and my suspicions were confirmed when the cardiologist, Dr. Saarel called the next morning. He had actually been defibrillated 2 times, the first time not stopping the V-FIB. He had poor profusion, and possible ischemia she said. Now, we evaluate and watch, and keep doing what we are doing. He's such a unique situation that there really is not much else to do.
I cannot say enough how thankful and blessed we are and feel to have such wonderful doctors, technology, and the Gospel.

Andrew is growing like a weed. He's almost overtaking Nick in height and definitely has a solid stature. He's very much looking forward to going to school next year and wants to sign up right away. He gives the BEST hugs and loves to do chores to earn coins. I'm trying to figure out the best ways to help his moods though... because when he's happy he is very very happy and when he is not, WATCH OUT. LOL

That's about it for now. Our goals for this year are to pretty much just try to keep our heads above water.... oh, and to find a cheap good mileage car for Josh to drive to and from classes. The truck is killer on the wallet for gas fill-ups. =S LOL