Saturday, April 17, 2010

A picture of my cute little guys on Easter Sunday

The weather was beautiful, and the kids were dying to ride bikes for a few minutes before our company arrived. I love that look-- collared dress shirt, rolled sleeves, and blue jeans. One of my fav's.

Mom, Dad, and Zack came over to share Easter Dinner with us. Here Mom is afterward, helping to make sure the colored eggs get put to good use. Gotta love Moms.

Just a cute shot.

After several days, I offered to give the boys some money if they would part with some of their Easter candy. They happily agreed, and I was proud of them, thinking that they were gonna put the $$ in their banks and save it for something they wanted. Um, No. I opened our door to the garage and LO! And Behold! There are 2 little culprits, spending their $ on candy from our little vending machine. Look at those faces. LOL

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